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Everyone has a hierarchy of needs. A dog is no different.

The magic wand doesn't exist. It really doesn't. I promise you.

I wish it did, truly. I'm not here delaying results just to get more money from you; I want to see success. I want to see progress, and it's honestly demotivating for me when I don't see quick progress.

The dogs I take under my wing as clients I truly deeply care for. I KNOW that these dogs would progress quicker with me because my handling skillset, timing and behavioural knowledge is naturally higher than my clients, but unfortunately I don't have access to 100 acres and endless buckets of money to feed all of these dogs.

However, I have to slow down my expectations of progress to match the real world, real clients and their realistic skill levels. Some people are naturally better at it than others.

What matters is trying. What matters is knowledge.

Step up to the plate and train your dog. LISTEN to your trainer/behaviourist. Listen to their advice. They aren't giving you the advice for fun, nor are they giving you advice that will necessarily be easy but they are giving it you for a reason. Everything matters. Behaviour is rarely ever singular. Behaviour is influenced by multiple factors you wouldn't even think are related.

Trainers may give you training advice, lifestyle advice and basic dietary advice. Listen to all of it.

If your trainer thinks your dog will benefit from more walks, they aren't saying it make your life harder. Make it happen, make time for it. If that means driving somewhere to find a walk, go do it. Your trainer can't do this for you and lifestyle matters.

If your trainer recommends a better food for your dog, it's because gut health is highly linked to behaviour. It's not because they're sponsoring a certain food brand and get commission.

If your trainer recommends practicing training daily, they actually mean it. You might not get much of a kick out of training, but if you want your dog's behaviour to change, you've got to change. It's a two-way street.

If you miss a piece of the puzzle, you will never complete it.

Take a look at the image and see if you can tick off every single thing on the pyramid. If you can't, change it. There are exceptions if you have a dog that doesn't enjoy play with dogs, but your job is to try and replicate this play outlet elsewhere.

REMEMBER... these are ticked off from your dog's perspective, not yours. You may think a 20 minute walk around the block is adequate for your young German Shepherd. I doubt they agree.

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