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"My dog keeps pulling!"

Does your dog pull on lead?

If they do, I want you to go through the following statements and tick YES or NO to it.

  • Do you ever walk forwards when the lead is taut?

  • Do you go out for a walk or to train loose lead?

  • Does your dog spend most of their daily exercise time on a short lead?

  • Does your dog get from A to B on a taut lead?

  • Does your dog access smells, other people and dogs whilst pulling?

  • Do other people who walk your dog let them pull?

  • Is your dog stressed or overwhelmed by things on a walk?

  • Is your dog a high-energy breed?

  • Is your dog physically stronger than you?

Now... if you answered YES to ANY of the above, congrats, that's probably why your dog pulls. It's really that simple. Dogs are naturally faster than us, and MOST were bred to be active.

Instead of the above, try these...

  1. Stop or move backwards when the lead is taut

  2. Train loose lead rather than just going for a walk - training will probably tire your dog out more anyway, win!

  3. Allow your dog a daily opportunity to run free off lead or on a long line

  4. Don't even think about getting to B if you can't leave A without pulling

  5. Teach your dog the only way they can access something they want is via a loose lead (and potentially a verbal cue)

  6. Ensure everyone is following the same technique

  7. Stop getting angry at your overwhelmed or fearful dog for pulling and contributing to their stress

  8. Ensure your dog has adequate mental and physical stimulation for their breed

  9. Don't let your dog drag you to the park and then wond why they pull... c'mon...

If you can't be bothered to employ time and patience to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead but still expect them to be perfect on a lead anyway, the problem is not your dog. It's you.

If you need my help with loose lead walking skills, get in touch at

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