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Behaviour Pricing & Information

With over 9 years of professional experience and a Level 5 qualification in Canine Behaviour with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, Sarah is the go-to behaviourist in the area for all things behaviour. Sarah works with you and your dog to utilise positive-reinforcement via desensitisation and counter-conditioning to change your dog's behaviour. We do not promote quick fixes or endorse suppression training and we do not use e-collars or prong collars.

Examples of what we can help with:

  • Dog-to-dog aggression and reactivity

  • Dog-to-human aggression and reactivity

  • Frustration-driven behaviours

  • Possession aggression/resource guarding

  • Separation anxiety

  • Noise sensitivity and phobias

  • Anxiety & fear-related behaviours

Click on the service below for more information. Behavioural packages must be used within 8 months of booking.


Behaviour Assessment: 2 hour behaviour consultation + written report and training plan = £275

Bronze Behaviour Package: Behaviour assessment + 2 follow-up 1 hour sessions = £455

Silver Behaviour Package: Behaviour assessment + 4 follow-up 1 hour sessions = £575

Gold Behaviour PackageBehaviour assessment + 6 follow-up 1 hour sessions = £695

Follow-up 121s**: 1 hour session = £70 or 30 min session = £40

** Only available after a Bronze/Silver/Gold package - please get in touch to book.

Pay As You Go 121: 1 x training/puppy/behaviour session = £90

(Packages are recommended.)

More information...

Important: Behavioural issues are not a quick fix if done properly to address the root cause of the issue. I do not endorse harsh corrections or physical punishment to change behaviour quickly. This means my methods take longer, the same as how a human is treated for anxiety or depression via counselling. Dogs are sentient beings and respond to excitement, fear, anxiety and frustration just like us. My methods and training programmes are designed to be slow enough for the dog to learn properly and ethically but with enough change to meet the needs of the human too. True behaviour change comes with dedication and consistency so you must be prepared to give your dog's behavioural issues time and attention in between sessions with me. Packages are recommended with follow-ups able to be booked after if needed. For severe or multi-behavioural issues, I recommend booking Silver or Gold.


Where: 121s can be held in your home or in a public location.

When: 121 sessions are available to book on Tuesday daytimes, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday daytimes and Friday daytimes. I do not offer evening or weekend 121s.

For queries regarding booking, please contact Sarah at


07817 966 512



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