Dream Dog Package


What's included?

4 x 1 hour training sessions at your home or an agreed location


Tailored one to one support for you and your dog

Package discount included

Designed for dogs 20 weeks of age and above

Phone, e-mail and text support between sessions (if needed)

E-mailed help sheets (if needed)

Access to Facebook 'Members Only' group

Help for issues including:

Pulling on a lead

Coming back when called

Stopping jumping up

Waiting when asked

Reducing attention seeking

Improving general obedience

Improving your relationship

Improving your understanding of your dog

This package does not include help for behavioural issues such as aggression and anxiety. For this you will need to book a behaviour related service.

How much does it cost?


Payment plans available (full or direct debit weekly/bi-weekly)

To book, please click below to use my online booking system:


After booking, you will receive your order confirmation e-mail which you can use to manually schedule your sessions into my diary. I would recommend doing this at your earliest opportunity.


For any further questions, please consult my FAQ.

If you would like to read my reviews before booking, please click HERE.