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4 x 1 hour sessions +

4 x Lifeskills classes

Deluxe Dog Bundle

2 x 1 hour dog training 121 sessions +

4 x Lifeskills classes (10% package discount)

Suitable for dogs above 5 months of age

Whatsapp & e-mail support between sessions if needed

121s available to book in your own home or in a public location

For class information, please see here.

Here are just some of the things we cover:

  • Lead walking

  • Recall

  • Settle

  • Positions (Sit, Down, Stand, Middle)

  • Manners and etiquette

  • Impulse Control

  • Socialisation and neutrality

  • Focus & engagement

Payment plans are available, please enquire for more information



See What Others Say

Here are some of our reviews from happy clients!

Wow!! Well what can I say, a truly lovely lady, and Extremely knowledgeable, our boy loved her

We have started to put in to practice Sarah’s suggestions to make Derek a happier, calmer boy and looking forward to the results.

Can’t recommend Sarah enough.

Many, Many Thanks.

What a great learning experience for everyone. Sarah is so knowledgeable and gave us so much advice. Our 2 Lhasa Apsos were in need of some attention especially gentle Monty who’s sister Holly bully’s him constantly but now with Sarah’s guidance and advice we can help him gain his confidence and be a happy little boy. Thank you so much Sarah.

Before we met Sarah we had a Spaniel who was out of control, he’d been attacked and through no fault of his own developed a number of fear related pain/growls/attention seeking activities. After 3 sessions with Sarah, he’s come such a long way, we’ve learned how to think like Toby does, how to help him handle life and keep him calm, improved his diet because the pet food does not tell you it’s bad for your dog, improved his exercise. And hopefully soon we will be able to build his muscles up in his back and behind to help him be his best self. We can’t thank Sarah enough, Toby truly is a different dog and it’s all through Sarah teaching us how to look after him! I would not hesitate to book again.


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