"We met with Sarah when our car chasing collie was starting to become too much to handle, and have had numerous training sessions wirh her. Sarah is so friendly and easy to talk to, without any criticism or judgement. She is so knowledgeable and genuine, and although Maggie still needs some work, there is already a vast improvement! Our recent session, we were able to get her within a few metres of cars, with no reaction! I am so looking forward to continuing our training with Sarah, and I will definitely be booking more sessions to continue to work on some of the habits Maggie has gotten into! Thank you Sarah for helping us with our collie!"

ellie hendon

"Absolutely transformational! Sarah has been brilliant and I have already recommended her to more people than I can remember. Positive but balanced. Encouraging but honest. Warm but incredibly insightful. We have loved working with her through the start of our dogs adolescence. Within 24 hours of the first session of considerate, no-nonsense guidance we shifted from hopelessly tearing our hair out to being back in control again. Our puppy loves her and so do we! We can’t recommend her enough. Whatever your challenges - get in touch!"

peter anderton

"We've completed our sessions with Sarah now and our dog has already improved greatly and we're confident that we have the knowledge to continue going forward.

Sarah is very friendly, professional and patient.
No harsh tools or corrections needed ( for dog or owner!). Just building a bond between you and your dog.

Thank you so much for all your help."

Emma Regan

"Well what can I say really? We had a hour long session with Sarah about 3 weeks ago about my husky (Zola) as she gets scared really easy of noises so walking her became a problem. But after Sarah only spending 1 hour and may I say again 1 hour, she has pointed us in so many directions to get my Zola back to being herself again. I can not recommend this woman enough!!!! We also decided we want to go further with Zola and boost her confidence so we have signed up for Sarah’s Dream Dog Package and Zola is looking forward to seeing her again. Also, we have got a 7mo GSD/husky that we have put onto Sarah’s Training Trails program that she has only just started but it’s a fantastic idea and gives puppy’s and older dogs a chance to socialise with other dogs and plus enjoy a walk! I am probably rambling on but honestly guys, if you want to get to the bottom of any situation with your dog this woman is the one you want."

louisa kidner

"I got in contact with Sarah as I needed help with my 5 year old dog, Simba. He was a beautiful dog inside the house, but was totally different outside. He would constantly pull, go where he wanted to and lunged and barked at anything with a pulse, human or animal. I really was at the point were if this didn't work I would have to find him a new home, I didn't hold out much hope. However, I can honestly say with Sarah's help and support we have really turned things around. Sarah not only guides you on how to hold a lead etc, she also explained Simba's behaviour, how to react and also the mistakes I was making, from body language to pace of walk. All the things I couldn't see that genuinely made a difference. I now feel Simba and I are moving together in the right direction, we are both still learning but have a much better relationship with each other. Sarah helped us do that....."

angela jones

Sarah helped me with Dash's recall by giving me ideas and examples of what to do and I can safely say he now walks off lead and always come back. Then, his separation anxiety, I never thought I would be able leave him alone but thanks to Sarah he’s crate trained and he can be left alone without him freaking out or stressing out. I would always recommend Sarah; she’s patient, always listens to you, always has really good ideas, and overall a lovely person.10/10 Laura and Dash"

laura martin

"Sarah is a wonderful person, totally trustworthy, non-judgemental and honest. She has been helping us with training my Chocolate Labrador, Charlie, and taking him on training walks and group walks since he was only a few months old. Charlie absolutely adores her and the fun he has on his outings with her and his doggie mates too. If you want someone to entrust your dog to for walking or training you can't go wrong in asking Sarah to help. I'm sure you and your dogs will be happy you did."

diane day

"Sarah has been an important part of Brenton's life since we got him as a puppy. She came to our house to discuss our needs and then did lunchtime home visits daily until I went on maternity leave. I would get daily text updates and Instagram posts.
Sarah clearly cares about the needs of all her dogs, as when she had a dog with her who didn't like staying in the van, she asked if she could bring them into the garden to play with Brenton who loves being with other dogs - all the dogs were winners on those days!
Since the baby, Brenton has joined group walks when I can't do a walk and we sometimes join the group when I can, also to socialise him.
Most recently we have been doing 1:1 training with Sarah, as Brenton's love of dogs isn't great when you're wearing a baby bjorn and he's bolted across a park! We are seeing great results and one of the nicest parts of training is seeing Brenton's joy when Sarah comes into the room. He clearly loves her as much as she loves him!

Sarah will shortly be moving to Tamworth and we will really miss her - but know that she will be just a phone call away for support and advice. If you are looking for first rate dog care in the Tamworth area, then you must contact Sarah before anyone else."

gabi gutteridge

"Sarah is currently helping us with our 7 month old lab Hugo. I spoilt him and let him get away with everything when we first got him which has lead to some problems a few months on but with Sarah’s help we are turning it around! Sarah is a god send and I can’t thank her enough!"

kerrie coffey

"Super friendly and extremely knowledgable. put me at ease instantly and helped me gain so much confidence with my dog even in the first session."

maya zoe

"Sarah was recommended to us after we had used another trainer who came and used force on our boy to correct his behaviour, which wasn’t comfortable to watch. Our dog hadn’t had the best start with his previous owner so this wasn’t a good thing for him.
Sarah was calm and understanding, really easy to talk too, she gave us some great advice, she didn’t rush or clock watch and her prices were very fair, cheaper than the previous trainer we used whose qualifications aren’t as great as Sarah’s.
Our boys problem is going to take time to fix but we feel more confident with Sarah’s help, it’s a relief to know we can send a text if we have any questions and we can book her again any time we need.
Our dog struggles to rest, he wants constant attention but gets carried away with mouthing, he’s lay down and rested for a few mins in the living room for the first time without needing his crate which is a big step to him improving.
Thank you Sarah 👍🏼"


"Sarah was amazing when she met us with our Border Collie Mist. She was so friendly and easy to talk to, never judgemental or critical but always knowledgeable, reassuring and positive. Mist is displaying signs of reactivity and Sarah explored possible causes and trigger factors and suggested tactics and training exercises to lessen sensitivity and encourage positive engagement.
I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is feeling anxious regarding their dog’s behaviour and is looking for someone who will support and impart confidence."

valerie crown

"Sarah has been an absolute lifesaver for 1-1 training with my labradoodle, he was overexcited, unable to focus, reactive and walks were a nightmare. Sarah is so knowledgeable and passionate and with small steps we’ve seen some great improvements in his behaviour. Wouldn’t trust anyone else!"

emily rollason

Sarah is calm, knowledgeable and reassuring. She made me and my Cocker spaniel feel happier and more confident. Great service."

donna murphy

"Sarah has been working with us since January. Our problems began when Storm was 20 weeks old. She became reactive to almost everything and even though still a puppy, she was very powerful. After being pulled over many times I lost all my confidence and was too nervous to take her for the long walks she desperately needed. In turn she became frustrated, which led to bad habits and unacceptable behaviour. I'd failed her and needed professional help.
Sarah has been a gift from heaven! Storm loved her from day one. She has worked patiently to rekindle her enthusiasm to learn and taught myself training techniques along with constructive advice. But above all, restoring my confidence by reassuring me that I can walk Storm safely, as long as I stick to her set guidelines. Last week's burst training culminated in a delightful walk in the park, with a happy, tail-wagging companion. It was a joyous moment that I could never have achieved without Sarah.
If anyone is struggling, as I was, I urge you to contact her. She doesn't judge you. She's honest, caring and entirely trustworthy. Your canine best friend will be in the safest of hands."

carol barton

"I had a consultation with Sarah as I needed a little help with my Labrador. I had him during lockdown and was struggling with his social skills around other dogs. She came to see me for a consultation, and we went for a walk with him so she could see how she could help. Sarah was really good with him and explained how I could overcome the issues I had. When she left, I felt confident I had all the techniques I needed to tackle the problems I had. It's been 2 months since I called on her for help and now, I am nearly where I want to be with him. Thank you, Sarah! Highly recommend her services to anyone who needs help training their dog."

joanne plackowski

"Used Sarah to help us to train our 6 month old puppy who was playing us up and running us ragged! Sarah was excellent, her positive training methods had the desired effect and taught us how to handle and react properly to puppy behaviour.
Gabbi is now a pleasure to take out for a walk, she gets better every time, her recall has improved massively and it is only the ideas and knowledge that Sarah passed on to us that has helped that to happen. I would highly recommend Sarah to anybody who is having a tough time with their doggo 🐶"

trish bendall

"Had a fantastic experience with Sarah with our puppy, really had seperation anxiety and just a general anxious nervous disposition, the improvement in him in the 4 weeks with Sarah has been immense , really could not recommend her enough"

curtis sharpe

"Highly recommend Sarah! Great support and training for our puppy!"

vicki white

"I booked a 4 week puppy package with Sarah, I’ve just finished my last week with my 6mnth old Weimaraner, I have seen a huge improvement in his behaviour, mannerisms, his lead pulling, recall etc. Sarah has also taught me hell of a lot as a first time dog owner, and I can honestly say I’ve left the training feeling confident and in control of my puppy. I’m so happy with the results so far and looking forward to seeing his progress continue with Sarah’s wise words.

She is also on time, organised, professional and super friendly, and no matter what time or question I want to ask she’ll get back to me straight away.

So glad I found her page on fb, will for sure be using her again for my future pups, and will always pass on her details.

Thanks again!"

neve harris