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4 x 1 hour sessions

Deluxe Dog Package

4 x 1 hour dog training 121 sessions (10% package discount)

Suitable for dogs above 5 months of age. Please note this package does not include behavioural issues. Please enquire if you aren't sure what to book.

Whatsapp & e-mail support between sessions if needed

Available to book in your own home or in a public location

Here are just some of the things we cover:

  • Lead walking

  • Recall

  • Settle

  • Positions (Sit, Down, Stand, Middle)

  • Manners and etiquette

  • Impulse Control

  • Socialisation and neutrality

  • Focus & engagement

Payment plans are available, please enquire for more information



See What Others Say

Here are some of our reviews from happy clients!

Came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Super friendly, easy to talk too and take directions from.. I 100% feel that continuing to work with Sarah will only strengthen my bond with my pup and help her grow into the most wonderfully well trained and happy dog...

We two old wrinkles (we are in our 70’s) have a 6 month working cocker, Woody. He is ultra lively, very good natured but was impossible at recall and pulling badly on the lead.

Sarah was charged with tackling these problems. In just five 1 hour sessions on her own the result was immediate and very impressive.

Day 5 was one to one training for us with the dog complemented with a video and written personalised notes.

After four days of us handling him we, at last, feel we are walking HIM and he not US.

When we first got Dexter, we were all so stressed and even though we scoured the Internet for advice and guidance, we were so unprepared for our high energy, bouncy land shark! We really wanted to get his behaviour manageable and back to typical puppy behaviour, rather than feeling under hostage and Sarah gave us great advice, tips and tricks. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d end up with a collection of commands under our belt, we didn’t think we’d get further than sit! Sarah quickly identified that Dexter thrives on training and learning and whilst he likes to do his own thing still, he’s much better behaved and we can trust him a lot more. We’d highly recommend Sarah and we’d happily go back if we ran into future issues.


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