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Entrusting your money to a complete stranger to help your dog can be daunting, especially with the ever-conflicting opinions and instructions from well-meaning friends and online blog posts on how to train your dog, but I'm here to make it easier for you.

A good trainer is always learning. I am always taking courses to improve and recently I spent a week at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home working with the rescue dogs, placing 3rd in the Trainer of the Year 2019 competition under The School of Canine Science. I am working on my Level 5 Behaviour at the moment also.

Having spent years working with dogs, understanding their needs and their body language, getting to know how they learn and what makes a dog tick, you and your dog will be on the road to recovery before you know it. 90% of my work is owner-related, therefore when I come to you, prepare to be trained! Your dog will learn fast from me, but it's not me who is living with your dog, so you need to learn, put the practice in and ultimately reap the long-term rewards.

Dogs aren't robots, and they feel just as deeply as we do. I became a dog trainer due to my own German Shepherd showing signs of anxiety and reactivity long before I knew what I was doing. Nothing I read online worked, so I enrolled on courses and began my journey to helping my dog. Now I feel confident helping YOU, using methods designed to make you and your dog feel better. No pain, no fear, no shock.

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"Worked with Sarah from when we first had our Frenchie from learning the basics and worked up to tricks, recall, jumping up children (he would knock small kids over), now hes a little gem and completely comfortable and well behaved! Sarah really helped would recommend her to anyone needing help and guidance." - L Fielding

"I asked Sarah for help with Max - my reactive rescue Rottie - after trying a couple of trainers who really didn’t work for us... Never would have thought it possible to get this close to another dog without reaction. From lunging and barking at 60m to a relaxed and focused sit at 5m is unbelievable and all FORCE FREE! Sarah, we LOVE you and can’t recommend highly enough!" - L Forde

"Needed help with our dog who had extreme reactions to visitors at the door and especially the postman!! Found Sarah through recommendations and really glad we did. After 3 months of utilising the tips and training she gave us our boy is much happier. It’ll be a long road as, as Sarah explained, we have 2 years of behaviour to reverse, but we’re getting there and feel much more knowledgeable about why he’s doing it. We now use her training to ‘prevent’ the behaviour rather than trying miserably to ‘cure’ it. She tells you straight but doesn’t make you feel like a terrible dog parent... perfect. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah, she’s great." - T Allcote

"Winnie was very reactive but after an hour with Sarah and following her advice, Winnie has made great progress, even making friends with 2 young dogs and a puppy.
I would certainly recommend Sarah’s Dog Training to anyone struggling with aspects of their dogs behaviour." - B Suffolk

"If anyone is thinking about using a trainer, I can't recommend Sarah enough,she has set me and my dog on the right track and this has been invaluable,she will change the way you look at your dog,a great investment in your dogs future!" - Tony




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