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Pablo - 7 weeks on

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you who have supported me in my rather rash and unexpected decision to bring Pablo home to save him going into rescue kennels at 6 months of age. It was definitely a challenge!

Second of all, I thought I'd give you a quick update you all on the progress made.

When Pablo arrived at mine, he was a goofy, affectionate and very loveable dog. Personality-wise he was amazing, so friendly and non-reactive, everything you could want from a rescue dog. He also displayed distress at being left alone for even a second and showed resource guarding aggression when around food and toys. He chewed what he could find and mouthed everyone's arms excessively. He jumped up me and all over my furniture and shoved his way through doors at the first opportunity. He tried to steal food off of my plate and screamed if he couldn't see me. Bowser HATED him.

Fast forward 7 weeks and he's becoming a beautiful dog.

He can now be left alone with my 2 dogs for approx 4 hours, be calm and sleep.

He no longer guards chews or toys from me or the other dogs and shares beautifully.

He sits and waits next to my other 2 for his food and gives eye contact.

He will sit and wait or relax the other side of a baby gate or closed door if I am in the house.

He will sit and wait at open doors before I release him through.

He rarely jumps up or mouths now except when really excited.

He's best buds with Rosie and Bowser no longer wants to eat him.

He's learnt the basics of down, watch me, stay, wait, leave, drop, fetch and on your bed. We've worked on focused heel walking in short bursts and his recall is fantastic, although as always we have work to do around distraction.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that its hard to see the positives when you're thrown in the deep end, but he's going to be a fantastic dog. He's eaten through 3 pairs of flip flops and my boyfriends wireless headset, but all can be forgiven when I see the moments of his potential.

P.S. Bowser is doing fabulously with his three legs. What a champ!

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