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Dogs are not disposable.

This is not a judgemental post, but it is a serious one. I'd like to think I'm a pretty decent behaviourist and trainer. I am however, not a miracle worker.


  1. Stop using rescue shelters as a get out of jail card...

  2. Stop waiting until your dog has bitten you...

  3. Stop waiting for the problem to become unbearable...

  4. Stop waiting for your dog to just grow out of it...

  5. Stop waiting until you are considering rehoming...

  6. Stop waiting until you are considering euthanasia... ask for help.

You are not saving money by doing this.

The longer you leave your dog's behaviour, the harder it is to change. The harder it is to change, the more sessions you need. The more sessions you need, the harder your homework is. The harder your homework is, the more probable failure becomes. The more probable failure becomes, the more likely you are to choose rescue.

Rescues are overflowing. Even if they weren't, if you don't want your dog because of their behavioural issues, who else does?

No one wants to put a dog down, but rescues are brimming full of dog's owned by people who didn't research the breed they got, didn't get advice early enough and couldn't cope.

I am sympathetic towards rehoming if it's in the best interests of the dog and family, and I have recommended it. I also understand life is difficult and dog training can sometimes be the last thing on your mind, but dogs aren't and should not be disposable and I'd prefer to prevent rehoming altogether by encouraging proactiveness and education regarding your dog, their breed and their behaviour. There isn't a fantasy home on a farm for your dog, and I don't have an endless supply of 'better homes' for dogs.

You are not saving money by leaving it until last minute. You are also not saving your dog.

  • Research your dog.

  • Accept your dog.

  • Train your dog.

Picture of my dog who someone else wanted rid of:

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