Sarah Stonehouse

Working with dogs is a huge passion of mine. They are some of the most loyal creatures you will ever be lucky enough to spend your time with, so my business is all about focusing on your relationship with your dog.

We all want a well-behaved dog, but I am not here to achieve that using old-fashioned fear-driven methods. Boundaries and expectations are important, but dogs are sentient beings with needs and feelings. With me, I want to help you train your dog without the need to resort to choke chains, prong collars, shock collars and physical punishment. It is after all, a relationship.

As a qualified Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviourist, knowing the psychology of how dog's learn means I can help you understand your dog on a deeper level and work with you to achieve a positive bond. Quick fixes do not exist and proper dog training takes time and dedication.

I myself have a 5 year old German Shepherd and a 3 year old Rottweiler, both brought up using reward based training and consistent boundaries. Being breeds that most people fear, these two spend the majority of their time off lead which most people are surprised to see. They also live in harmony with my two cats, Rocky and Pepper.

I began working in kennels in 2015, as well as starting up my dog walking business. In 2018, I became a qualified trainer. In 2019, I achieved 3rd place in The School of Canine Science's Battersea Trainer of the Year competition and in 2020, I passed my Level 5 Behaviourist Qualification under the IMDTB.

I am here to train you to train your dog.



We bought Sarah’s Perfect Puppy Package when we first had our pup, Marty, at 8 weeks old and she was so helpful with support and tips during those first few stressful weeks!

She was so good that we bought a second puppy package to continue the good work and training, and I’m so pleased we did!

Marty isn’t the easiest of puppy’s (and us as owners are probably even harder to teach!) but the extra work, training and guidance has been so helpful! He’s still only 5 months but we have a great foundation for having a well behaved and happy dog!

Highly recommend Sarah, she’s so knowledgeable as well as being lovely... and I have no doubt we’ll use her again as Marty grows up!

Thanks Sarah!"

Vicki White, Marty's owner
Glen of Imaal Terrier

Booked for Puppy Training

I asked Sarah for help with Max my reactive rescue Rottie after trying a couple of trainers who really didn’t work for us... Never would have thought it possible to get this close to another dog without reaction. From lunging and barking at 60m to a relaxed and focused sit at 5m is unbelievable and all FORCE FREE! Sarah we LOVE you and can’t recommend highly enough!

Lizzi Forde, Max's owner

Booked for Severe Dog & Human Reactivity & Aggression

“Really couldn't recommend Sarah enough! She has been amazing with both of our dogs from all aspects of training. The Online Ultimate Puppy Course has been brilliant for training our Sprocker puppy and I would recommend it to any new puppy owner! We've also had face to face training and we can see a difference in both of our dogs after the first and each session. There is no other trainer or behaviourist I would use from now on! Thank you Sarah for all of your help!”​

Phillip Smith, Jasper & Rex's owner
Sprocker & Cocker Spaniels

Booked for Resource Guarding & Puppy Training

We had asked Sarah to help Gini with her attachment and compulsive scent-seeking behaviour. We knew Sarah from recommendation but did not have a large hope.

What Sarah did for us was not only help little Gini to relax and help her to enjoy walks, she also educated me and my family on what a good owner of a Cockapoo is. She told us what this dog needs and explained her behaviour.

With a few life style amendments in less then 3 months we are walking on loose lead, have a nearly perfect recall in place, Gini relaxes comfortably on her bed or in her cage and stays at home by herself for a whole 15/20 min without crying.

Sarah is a little shiny star, rare gem to find and worth every penny invested! Thank you.

Danuta Pipe, Gini's owner

Booked for Separation Anxiety

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