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Sarah Stonehouse IMDTB

Sarah is a Level 5 qualified dog trainer and behaviourist under the IMDTB with over 8 years experience working closely with dogs.


Dedicated to helping pet dogs and their families thrive in a fast-paced society not designed for our four legged companions, Sarah is trained to help one to one with behavioural issues including reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety and resource guarding. However, she also enjoys the lighter side of dog training and obedience and runs weekly classes on Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Sarah's Statement of Ethics

"I like to impart positive and clear training advice that works realistically for that particular client and dog. Reward-based training is my main style alongside clear body language and effective boundaries. I do not condone the use of dominance-based alpha-handling which is out-dated and wrong. You can be strict without being forceful, and you can have boundaries without being abusive. Positive reinforcement training does not just mean the dog can do what they want when they want; this is a common misconception. It is about being rewarded for a good job whilst developing a solid relationship built on good communication and trust. Consequences are a natural part of life and training, but I only choose ethical consequences. Rewards are not bribery in the same way that punishment isn't respect.

My ideal clientele are those who want to work WITH their dog, not against them, to understand their behaviour and emotions and to truly address the deeper issues causing the problem. This normally means that overnight fixes don't happen, regardless of what TikTok or Channel 4 has you believe. Commitment and consistency in between sessions and after they are finished are what will garner results. I relate this often to weight loss - diet pills you see on TV don't work, only hard work and dedication does.


If humans get 18 years at the very minimum to become a knowledgeable member of society, why do we expect our dogs to do this in 6 weeks?"

If you need help with your dog and you are willing to employ patience and dedication towards your dog in the same way you would help a child with anxiety or a friend through trauma or a student through college, get in touch.


Meet My Dogs

Meet the team that keep me sane!

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