Group Dog Walking

Socialisation with other dogs, exploration and enrichment, walked by a dog behaviourist... my group walks are a great way to get your dog out and about and living their best life. Having professionally group walked dogs for 6 years, with knowledge of training and behaviour under my belt, your dogs will always be in safe hands with me. Walks are also recorded and sent to you via e-mail for your peace of mind.

My group walks are perfect for:

  • Dogs in the main Tamworth and Polesworth areas

  • Owners that are out all day

  • Dogs needing more exercise than their current lifestyle permits

  • Friendly, social dogs that want to run and play

  • A change in scenery to get out into the rural countryside and stimulate your dog's mind

  • Mildly under-socialised dogs that will benefit from positive socialisation around other dogs and people

Arrange a Meet & Greet:

  • Contact me HERE to book a free no-obligation meet & greet to discuss your dog's needs

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60 minute group walk

  • Pick up from your house and driven to rural location

  • 1 hour group walk with up to 6 dogs, recorded using a specific app that tracks GPS, photos and notes and sends this info to your phone post-walk

  • Dropped off to your house, towelled down if muddy


1 dog = £13

2 dogs from the same household = £24

When booking, you will be asked to fill out a form with your pet's details. No dog will be allowed off lead unless permission is given and I, the walker, feel comfortable with your dog's recall.


What my clients are saying...

I previously used Sarah's Dog Training to help me with a couple of issues I was having with my dog and after seeing her in action and the improvements that were made, I decided to try Sarah's Dog Walking when my previous dog walker could no longer fit me in - and I did not regret it. If you are anxious about leaving your dog with someone new, or like to know where your dog is whilst on walks, or whether your dog will actually be walked for the time you pay for then you should try Sarah's Dog Walking. It's great to know where Herbie has been and what dogs he's been out with and seeing all the photos and videos is extra reassuring. I cannot recommend Sarah's Dog Walking enough."

Zoe Teevan, Herbie's owner

Sarah is a wonderful person, totally trustworthy and honest. She has been taking my Chocolate Labrador, Charlie, on training walks and group walks since he was only a few months old. Charlie absolutely adores her and the fun he has on his outings with her and his doggie mates too. If you want someone to entrust your dog to for walking or training you can't go wrong in asking Sarah to help. I'm sure you and your dogs will be happy you did."

Diane Day, Charlie's owner

Sarah has been walking our Miniature Schnauzer Poppy for almost a year now. Poppy loves it when Sarah arrives and gets really excited! Poppy is always a tired and happy pooch when she's been for her walk & I love to see the little update and pictures of what she's been up to. Sarah provides a reliable, professional and very reasonably priced service and I would highly recommend her. She's not getting rid of us any time soon :-)

Ellen Mason, Poppy's owner
Miniature Schnauzer

It is official. 'I love Sarah!' is my favourite time of the day when I hear the key in the front door as I know Sarah is here to take me on a walk with my pals. I get to go to lots of lovely places and enjoy getting to run around with all my woof friends. Sarah looks after me and even cleans me up when I get home! I am so pleased Sarah is my dog walker... every doggy should have one xx My mum is also very happy as each week she gets an invoice so she knows what is going on and thinks Sarah is very professional. I think my mum is VERY happy to have found Sarah too, love from Sennen the Labrador x

Emilie Jasmine, Sennen's owner

We’ve had our first 5 walks with and we are so amazingly impressed with the service. We were apprehensive about how our dog would react to a new dog walker along with a house move. He had been reactive in the past and it had been a difficult year to get him settled.

From the first phone call, Sarah was professional and knowledgable. She understood our concerns and knew what we wanted from her service. It was important that we didn’t have a ‘pack’ or ‘alpha’ mentality as that doesn’t work for Fitz.

The first meet and greet went better than we hoped, their friendship has continued and we enjoy seeing Fitz’s happy head in every email and knowing where he’s been allows us to keep his walks varied and his brain stimulated.

I could not recommend this service highly enough. I have complete confidence in Sarah, and that Fitz will continue to happily terrorise all the ducks and squirrels of Tamworth with his new pal!"

Zoe Honnibal, Fitz's owner

Sarah is our fairy dog walker. Our beagle, Bertie LOVES Sarah. We are so thankful that we found her as we established a new routine and a change in job meant Bertie was retired as the chief quality assurance pup in the office. Sarah has been extremely flexible with additional dog walks and home visits to help us in the adjustment and always there to offer training advice.

We love getting regular updates via text and Instagram, it's clear the dogs are well looked after and ridiculously happy. The daily walkies squad is enviable and makes being in the office rather rubbish at times. A real testament to Sarah is that despite being a beagle, Bertie is very well behaved with her for off lead walks, and he only does that for me and no one else in the family!

We could not recommend Sarah and her services enough."

Cecilia Gillson-Tran, Bertie's owner

Hugo has been walking with Sarah for a couple of months now and he absolutely loves it. Due to lockdown, I wanted to socialize our big puppy with other dogs whilst also learning to walk with someone else. He has really bonded with them, and looking at the pictures you receive from every walk, you can see how much fun he has and how happy they are. I love reading the comments from each each walk and seeing where they have gone. Would really recommend them to anyone looking for dog walks. Lovely and friendly.

Gemma Culbert, Hugo's owner

“Sarah was dog sitter to my two dogs for over two years from the beginning of her setting up her business here in Baldock, Hertfordshire to the end when she sadly had to relocate to Tamworth.

I would like to give Sarah the ultimate best reference for the service she provided for me and my dogs.

She is not only completely reliable but also most competent and confident. After we had undergone some thoughtful and careful introduction to my Rescue German Shepherd Dog who has quite serious issues due to a dubious past, I was impressed with the way Sarah handled this initially difficult dog.

Over the two years, Sarah made many visits to my dogs when I was out for a day, away for two days or even once for a week. On my return I always found everything in perfect order and all requests carried out to my satisfaction.

Furthermore, Sarah always sent me a picture of my dogs when she visited and frequently communicated with me in order to give me the reassurance that all was well at home. Sarah is sadly missed and difficult to replace.

I can warmly recommend her services.”

Andrea Langton-Beck, Rico & Sidney's owner
GSD and Border Collie