What's included?

One full week of intense training with your dog


Monday through to Thursday, you can select 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions with me and your dog where I will work with them on issues you would like me to address

Quick, well-timed behavioural change via a knowledgeable and experienced trainer and behaviourist, reducing the chance of mistakes and delayed progress

Crossover session on Friday lasting 1 hour in which I hand the torch (so to speak) over to you to continue the work, demonstrating techniques and skills your dog has learnt throughout the week

E-mailed help sheets (if needed)

Access to Facebook 'Members Only' group

Category Options:

Socialisation & Confidence



Available in:

Basic (1 hour sessions)

Classic (2 hour sessions)

Premium (3 hour sessions)

After booking, you will receive your order confirmation e-mail. Please wait for me to get in touch about scheduling you in to the next available burst week.


For any further questions, please consult my FAQ.

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Image by Alvan Nee

Socialisation Burst



Perfect to increase your dog or puppy's socialisation to the outside world, including interacting with other dogs, other people, new environments and anything you feel your dog may be missing out on socialisation-wise.


Aggressive dogs not accepted.


BASIC (1 hour)  £375.00 

CLASSIC (2 hour)  £630.00 

PREMIUM (3 hour)  £845.00 

Image by Camylla Battani

Obedience Burst



Perfect for intense practice on a number of obedience training issues such as recall, loose lead walking, waiting at doors, mat work, sit, down, stand and focus work. It is also excellent for working dogs needing advanced obedience. You will be able to choose what to prioritise for your dog.

BASIC (1 hour)  £375.00 

CLASSIC (2 hour)  £630.00 

PREMIUM (3 hour)  £845.00 

Image by Eugene Chystiakov

Reactivity Burst



This package is only available after attending an initial Behaviour Consultation.

Intense behaviour modification in which I will work one on one with your dog to help with their reactivity out and about, using desensitisation and counter-conditioning.

BASIC (1 hour)  £425.00 

CLASSIC (2 hour)  £720.00 

PREMIUM (3 hour)  £975.00