behavioural consultation


What's included?

Initial questionnaire received after booking which needs to be sent me at least 7 days prior to your consultation, as well as requested vet referral form


Behavioural Consultation held at your home (within 20 miles) which lasts approximately 2 hours and will involve an assessment, discussion and written training plan for you and your dog sent after via e-mail

Perfect for those unwilling or unsure about committing to a package or just needing an assessment prior to making a decision


Tailored one to one behavioural support and guidance for you and your dog

Access to Facebook 'Members Only' group

Help for behavioural issues including:

Separation Anxiety and Distress

Resource Guarding and Possession Aggression

Dog-to-Human Aggression and Reactivity

Dog-to-Dog Aggression and Reactivity

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Noise Sensitivity and Phobias

How much does it cost?


To book, please click below to use my online booking system:


You will be able to select a time and date for your session during booking, after which you will receive your order confirmation e-mail.


For any further questions, please consult my FAQ.

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