behavioural consultation


What's included?

2 hour behaviour consultation & assessment

Personalised behaviour plan booklet


1 month phone & e-mail support
Vet report (if applicable)

Training and behavioural e-mail handouts

Access to my Facebook 'Members Only' group, in which you can share stories and seek reassurance from other dog owners on similar journeys to you.


Prior to your consultation, you will be required to fill out an online behaviour questionnaire which will be used as pre-summary to assess your dog's lifestyle. Please be as accurate and honest as you can on this form as every piece of knowledge helps.

This will be followed by your 2 hour appointment in which we will meet to discuss yours and your dog's needs, after which I will formulate a training and behaviour modification plan to suit your needs. Consultations are held at your home unless we have already pre-agreed another location to meet

If you would like to add more sessions on after, you can do so on a pay as you go basis or you can book a discounted package now:
Gold Behaviour Package (2 extra sessions)

Deluxe Behaviour package (5 extra sessions)

Help for behavioural issues including:

Separation Anxiety and Distress

Resource Guarding and Possession Aggression

Dog-to-Human Aggression and Reactivity

Dog-to-Dog Aggression and Reactivity

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Noise Sensitivity and Phobias

How much does it cost?


To book, please click below to use my online booking system:


You will be able to select a time and date for your session during booking, after which you will receive your order confirmation e-mail.


For any further questions, please consult my FAQ.

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